Holiday daydreams

VIEWI know I currently live on one of the most popular holiday destination in Europe, and indeed I do feel privileged when I drive in the morning to the office and see the sea with palm trees on the one side, and the beautiful cathedral of Palma on the other side. But still I can´t help thinking about where I should spend my next holiday.


The fact that it is my job to look at pretty holiday beaches and now fabulous excursions do not really help either. My screen saver is an image of an amazing resort on stilts somewhere in the Maldives or the Seychelles by the looks of it. This combined with my general interest to read up on all kinds of travel blogs and other travel websites makes my keeping a continuous list of possibilities of new trips in my head.

new yorkOne of the trips finally taking place is one we came up with about five years ago: I have a friend I very much like to travel with; in our student times we always took budget trips (the sport was to book a trip under 100 euros, including food, flight, transport to the airport, and a hotel, we just took shopping out of this budget for obvious reasons). So we went for a weekend trip in Riga, and a 3 week epic inter rail adventure through Eastern Europe. However, our dream was always to go once to New York with empty suitcases and basically go crazy shopping and clubbing in true movie style. Unfortunately as students we could only dream about this, so the promise was set; once we both have a proper grown up job we would be off to New York. So the moment is finally there (there were a few years delay from my side) but next year we are off to finally take on New York!

But next to this trip I have another trip to think off and possibly need some inspiration for. In December I would like to go to a nice and sunny destination for about two weeks to go diving and enjoy life basically. Several destinations have passed my mind, from Mexico to the Bahamas, Cuba,Zanzibar and back to Egypt. But, are there any new destinations I should add to my list of daydream destinations for this December?

holiday day dreams


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