My favorite cities

NY3In the previous articles that I published I either reviewed a location, or explained how to get there or sleep there and how to book a cheap city trip in general. I all of a sudden realized that it might also be nice to actually give an overview of some really nice destinations to go to, rather then to go immediately in the how to modus.

NY1So hereby some of my favorite destinations for a city trip, based on my completely biased view as a female traveler. If I had to pick one city as my ultimate city trip it would most likely be New York. Being in New York feels like walking on a movie set; yellow cabs, empire state building, the satue of liberty and the smoke from the subway, I simply can´t get enough. The city offers a wide variety of activities to suit most needs: the shopping in New York is unparalled, for European visitors the prices are especially attractive. I won´t go into details now, but I will definitely write an article about New York with some amazing neighborhoods  shops and other memorable sights.

lviv1So where to go if you don´t have an entire week (the amount of time you need for New York) and you are looking into something slightly more low budget? My best recommendation would be to look towards the east. Eastern Europe has quickly developed over the last years revealing some amazing cities: Krakow, an UNESCO heritage city center and a restaurant and bar scene that not many Western European cities can match. Budapest, a grand city with amazing architecture, temporary ruin bars in creative places, and an abundance in spas. Prague, a more established tourist city with a cultural heart. Or if you want even more exotic, how about Kiev. The capital of Ukraine is a bustling city packed with culture. It is a three hour flight, you don´t need a visa and you feel like you´re in a completely different part of the world. Another beuatiful Ukrainian city is Lviv, close to the Polish border. This city is largely undescoved by tourists, but screams history. Each corner of the city centre is represented by another culture, and is still beautifully intact. Finally, the Baltic states are an upcoming destination as well. Riga especially is a nice place for a weekend. The city is again UNESCO, but with a large number of bars, clubs and restaurants added in the mix. The big advantage of Eastern Europe is the fact that these cities usually have less tourists and lower prices making it ideal for a budget weekend getaway.

IMG_9024Of course there are many more nice destinations around. I used to live in London and I can highly recommend the city to anybody. I love the variation in the different neighbourhoods, each with a unique feeling and crowd. You can go from the alternative Camden market, to have an upmarket lunch in Kensington, topped off by a cultural night in the theatre district around Covent Garden. The major advantage of London is that you can fly in easily from about anywhere in the world, making it one of the easiest accessable city trips in my opinion.

Finally, I would like to push for two other cities in the Netherlands that deserve some attention next to Amsterdam. of course Amsterdam is an amazing city, it has everything going for it, but there are several other nice cities in the Netherlands as well. One of my favorite cities is Haarlem, about 20 min by train from Amsterdam. Haarlem is a quaint old town which has been voted best shopping city in the Netherlands counless times. Another good city to visit in the Netherlands is The Hague. The Hague houses the Dutch government, international court and several other important organizations, but what makes it a truely good city trip is the fact that is directly at the beach. During the summer season all beach bars are open, a nice change from all the normal bars found in a big city.

I know there are a million other amazing cities out there. But with this article I aimed to describe my personal favorites, and perhaps some people don´t immediately think off. I am always looking for new inspiration, so if you know any other amazing city trip please leave a comment!


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