Windsor & the Cotswolds

In spring 2016 we took our first road trip through the UK, and probably one of the most popular ones from London: visiting the Cotswolds. An idyllic region, with rolling hills and yellow sandstone villages.

How to get there and around

A rental car picked up at Luton airport. We rented through, and found a good deal of £40 for the weekend. Total distance covered: approximately 350 miles.

What to see and do

We visited the following villages and sites during our trip:Windsor castle, Blockley, Bidburry, Lower Slaughter, Upper Slaughter, Bourton-on-the-water, Stow-on-the-world, Broadway  tower

Where to stay

We went camping 1 night at Tinsletown eco campsite, a beautiful campsite on the edge of a forest. You can pick a spot yourself and simply pitch your tent. There are several fire pits you can make use off, and the campsite sells firewood at night. A small cafe for breakfast and drinks is available as well. Tent is £10 per night, and per adult an additional £8.

After a night of camping we decided to treat ourselves to a bit of luxury: castle hotel Dumbleton Hall. This is a proper English castle hotel, where we even managed to get a 4 poster bed!  The castle is a bit remote, and therefore most people opt to have either the 3 course dinner in the dining room (requires sign up) or eat something small in the bar. The clientele is admittedly a bit older than us, but for a night we had a great time. Price was £69 per night, including breakfast.

Cotswolds Map


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