Photo impression Guatemala

As part of our 4 week trip through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala we spent 2 weeks in the latter, and in my personal opinion I liked it the best out of the three (which is saying something, as both Mexico and Belize are amazing too!)

The country is still relatively unknown as a tourist destination, which you can feel in terms of infrastructure, but also gives a much more authentic vibe.

Guatemala map


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  1. drewkiercey says:

    puuurdee pictures!
    I love the fact that most of these are on the streets, not only of the beaches or from the balcony of your hotel, you know what I mean? You went out and actually saw the country. I appreciate that.
    Most tourists in my country (JA BTW, you should come here next #shamelessadvertising) don’t get the authentic tourist experience and it is such a shame.
    And you’re right the buildings and the surroundings do look authentic/untouched and not ‘touristy.’

    — Blessings

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