Why I love cruises

I have been running behind for quite a bit now, but decided to finally go for it, an article about my Caribbean Cruise which I did in December. I know I have been writing about cruises before, and I also know most people consider cruises to be for old people, I just love it and will share my amazing holiday here anyway.

So, first of all, what is the appeal of a cruise? For me it is basically lazy backpacking. I get so see a new place almost every day without the hassle of packing and unpacking my suitcase every day. You board the ship, go to your cabin and you’re done for the rest of the week. This way I was able to visit a private island in the Bahamas (seriously nice!), US Virgin Islands (really good diving!), Puerto Rico (amazing city) and the Turks and Caicos (unspoiled and wicked under water life).


So, what happens than on the ship in when you’re not out and about exploring the stops? In almost any cruise which is longer than 2 days you will have some sea days to make some distance. These days you have to entertain yourself on the ship which is not too difficult to achieve. I first have to say that I went with Carnival Cruises, an American company, and this is definitely reflected in the entertainment, which can seem a bit too much for most Europeans. This was also the case for our cruise, so we decided not to participate in the loads of activities organised (think dances around the pool, dance workshops, hairy back competitions) but find something else to do. As the ships are so huge, this is absolutely no problem whatsoever!

IMG_3047The larger cruise ships, including the one I was one (Carnival Liberty) come with several pools, and usually an adult only area. I have to say on sea days this is definitely the best part to be, as the seating is relaxed, no entertainment present, and the sea breeze is warm. If you have an unlimited drinks package (all soft drinks etc.) every 10 min or so a waiter will come by to see if you want a refill on your drinks. 

IMG_3158A large part of the cruise experience is the food to most people, and indeed there is no shortage of food on a cruise ship. All ships come with various restaurants (in our case a Mexican place, a burger place, a pizza place, a fish corner, a buffet restaurant, one premium steak house, and 2 regular seated restaurants) which allows you to eat pretty much 24/7. In the world of cruising the food (except for the premium steak restaurant) are included in the price of the cruise itself. This means that every night you show up in the restaurant and you get a 3 course meal (I even had lobster!), and other restaurants are always open if you want something a bit less formal.

After dinner many places on the ship feature live music in various styles and flavours. Additionally there is a huge casino, bars, musicals, cinema at the deck, nightclubs, and many many more ways to entertain you.


So, would I recommend a cruise to other people? Yes, I would say that pretty much everybody will get what they are looking for on a cruise. Be it amazing bounty islands, American entertainment, non-stop food, or a good party, there is a for sure a cruise that lets you experience whatever you are looking for!



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