The day I forgot my laptop on probably the most insane flight I’ve ever been on

Do you know that feeling once you realize you lost something and you start digging through your stuff like crazy? Well that’s what happened to me this morning and I hated it! I had a late flight back last night from Luton to Palma which was interesting to say the least. But let me start with introducing probably one of the interesting flights I have ever been on.

The best way to describe is a cultural experience. But some introduction is  probably required, so let me start with the beginning: Mallorca is popular with many many tourists, and especially the UK and German crowd are known to visit the island a lot. Many of these people go to a specific area: Magaluf (the UK crowd) and El Arenal, also affectionally called Ballermann (for the German crowd). These areas are mostly frequented by people who’s main aim it is appears to be to get as drunk as possible on their holiday, which is all completely fine by me, everybody has their own holiday preferences.


So, the crowd I shared my plane with last night from Luton was definitely on its way to Mallorca to do exactly that. And since our plane was delayed they even had an extra hour to drink before boarding the plane, and judging from the sounds in the plane, they had made fully use of this hour. There were three stag/hen parties onboard, with girls in matching shirts with nicknames (category lubricant Lizzy), and guys dressed up in dresses and wigs. This all lead to a fairly noisy boarding procedure, but we all managed to sit down and finally take off. As soon as the trolly with food and drinks was off the drinking continued which lead to the ultimate situation whereby all the alcohol onboard was sold out!, and people were shouting and puking in the toilets. Welcome to Palma!

bottle sandSo when we landed around midnight I couldn’t wait to get out of the plane and go home as quick as possible. Unfortunately for me slightly too quick. I had been watching a movie in the plane to avoid the screaming, and had put it in the seat pocket in front of me, something I still clearly remember now, but completely bypassed last night. I made it home safe and quick and immediately went to bed. This morning I wanted to check my e-mail over breakfast when I finally realized that the laptop did not make it home unfortunately.

After a very scary hour and a frantic call to Easyjet I got the final phone call that my laptop had indeed been found in the plane, and was now waiting for me at the airport to be picked up. So I am now super happy and able to write this post on my good old macbook about one of the most insane flights I’ve ever been on!


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