My intentions to learn Spanish (hopefully!)

majorca1bigIn one of my previous posts I shamefully admitted not speaking very well Swedish after living in the country for well over a year. One of my good resolutions of this article was to try to learn the language of the next country I was moving too. I already mentioned it before, but I recently moved to Palma de Mallorca for the summer (more on this amazing place in later articles) and this means of course that my life is currently taking place in Spanish.

palmaUnfortunately Spanish is also a language I never really learned before (I currently really regret taking French over Spanish), which means my understanding is basically zero. Added difficulty is the fact that the English language is not as widespread here as it was in Sweden, which already lead to some interesting conversations with sales girls when I tried to find a provider with internet for my phone.

paseo_maritimo_PalmaTherefore, when we received an offer for a one person language school in Palma we decided to take Angel, our friendly instructor up on his offer and I can proudly announce I am now enrolled in private Spanish classes twice a week. I have no idea if three months will be long enough for me to pick up the language sufficiently, but I will give it a shot and report back on my results at the end of my time here on this beautiful island!


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  1. Buena suerte, Hester! Podemos practicamos juntos! =)

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