My bucket list of must visit places

My last posts, or first posts depending how you look at it, have all been on how to get somewhere, or a description of where I have been. Today I started dreaming away of ll the places I would still like to visit. The thing with traveling is, once you start going to list of places that I still want to visit grows exponentially. So hereby all my dream destinations and trips of a lifetime I am still very much planning to make.

On the top of my list is definitely the Trans-Siberian express, this magic train trip from Moscow to Beijing. The route is about 9,000 km long, and goes through Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and finally China. For some reason this trip always had a magic appeal to me. I plan to do this trip once and do it properly; long stops in between to explore remote areas in Mongolia and at least a month afterwards to explore China.

havana-cubaBackpacking through Cuba, and especially being in Havana is another dream. I realize I have to be quick with this one if I want to see it in all its glory. Additionally I would like to learn how to dance the tango in Buenos Aires, although I am rhythmically challenged. Additionally I would love to go to Central-America to go backpacking through Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica to experience the beautiful nature.

ngorogoroI also have several African items on my to do list: going on a real safari in the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania to see the big five up close. Ever since I watched Orangutans in the wild I decided I want to see gorilla’s in their natural habitat as well, which means a trip to Africa and involves a serious hike. So before I am up for that I need to do some training…

I also have my wish list for Asia: I would love to explore Myanmar while it is still relatively undiscovered. It is predicted that tourism will take a massive leap the upcoming five years, so I should be quick! The second destination in Asia on my bucket list is the Philippines. I once saw a travel show where the host dived with dozens of whale sharks. I once had the opportunity to dive with a baby whale shark in Thailand, but seeing that makes me really want to step up my game!

Although I have seen most of the European countries I would like to venture out more towards the Balkan and Asian area. I have heard really great stories about Georgia and found breath taking pictures to match. And finally something I would really call a trip of a life time is to visit Antarctica to see the last truly uninhabited place in the world. There are several companies specialized in organizing cruises to this part of the world. Unfortunately these come at the price, so I guess this trip is not up for quite some time.

So I have shared my current wish list, however, as I said in the introduction once you start traveling your list will only grow. So if anybody has another must see place please let me know!antartica


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